July 12, 2014
Digital Awakening

Adventuring: Exploring, discovery and questing

Let’s take a look at the second half of the game, adventuring. To me, an adventure game is the freedom to explore and the focus on items and/or abilities. It is also a more tailored experience, compared to RPGs. For Rush to Adventure I went with a concept I call adventuring light. This concept goes

May 15, 2014
Digital Awakening

Gameflow and evolution of gameplay

Development has been slow the last few weeks due to many different things taking up my time and energy. I find getting started again after a stop is always a lot harder than working continuously.   April 6 marked two years since I started coding RTA. Yes, this post is a bit overdue. Because of

March 24, 2014
Digital Awakening

Rushing: Scoring, ranks and replayability

There are two main parts to Rush to Adventure: Rushing and adventuring. Today we are going to take a look at the rushing part. The latest editions to the upcoming alpha is the time screen, or stats screen and a popup at the of each level telling you how far you are to the next

March 17, 2014
Digital Awakening

Mar 2014 – GDC and alpha

Last week OUYA offered devs to take new builds with them to GDC, which is this week. Coincidentally App Game Kit, that I am using to code Rush to Adventure, also got improved support for OUYA last week. I was finally able to make a stand alone version of RTA that runs at a smooth

November 10, 2013
Digital Awakening

Starting up this blog

So, a developer diary thing. I thought it was time to start filling this website with some content for those interested in my game Rush to Adventure. We’ll see how this works out. A screenshot page is also planned. I don’t have a lot of time to allocate to each part of this project at