December 11, 2016
Digital Awakening

Tying it all together

Once again a lot of time have managed to pass by since my last blog entry. Just completed a play through and fine tuning of the game. After completing the map and the levels, the game didn’t seem to hold up in the later half.   So I have been moving things around, buffing monsters,

July 26, 2016
Digital Awakening

After the convention

At the beginning of May I attended a local convention called Nordsken. A big thank you to Nordsken and Arctic Game Lab for the floor space! Also a big thank you to all those who came and played my game! It was a lot of fun watching all the people, young and old, playing. Sadly

April 19, 2016
Digital Awakening

Four years in the making

I’ve been neglecting this page and blog for a while. Because I have been focusing on Rush to Adventure. I hit another milestone yesterday by completing the Power Sword, a sword bursting with energy. Now all weapons, monsters and other stuff has been implemented. Next up I will start on the bosses. I have decided

December 6, 2015
Digital Awakening

Getting back on track

I started working full time at my day job in the summer of 2014 and did so for over a year. That and life slowly killed all my momentum to a complete stop. A few months ago I decided to cut back on working to half time, because I want to complete Rush to Adventure.

July 12, 2014
Digital Awakening

Adventuring: Exploring, discovery and questing

Let’s take a look at the second half of the game, adventuring. To me, an adventure game is the freedom to explore and the focus on items and/or abilities. It is also a more tailored experience, compared to RPGs. For Rush to Adventure I went with a concept I call adventuring light. This concept goes