My name is Magnus Esko and I am an independent game developer from Sweden. I am currently working on Rush to Adventure in my spare time. Started working on it in April 2012 and it is getting close to release. This is a game crafted with love, passion and lots of polish. I hope it shows in all of its various parts and details. It offers more depth and complexity than what appears at first look.

Rush to Adventure is a retro fantasy action adventure with RPG and speed run elements. It is inspired by old 8-bit NES games like The Legend of Zelda. You are a castaway waking up on a cursed island, surrounded by darkness. The game is non linear and you can explore the island as you please on the map screen. Beating levels unlocks new areas. Can you uncover the secrets of the island and lift the curse?

Levels offers action packed platforming and parallax backgrounds. The gameplay is easy to learn but requires skill to master. The controls are tight and each monster requires a different approach. You can play to just beat the levels, try to collect all coins and xp and even replay levels for score, ranks and achievements. Return to earlier levels when you are stronger.

There are 4 attributes to level up, 3 special moves to unlock as well as 14 swords, armors and shields to find and equip. After each level you are also scored on your performance and ranked. Trying to beat your previous scores and increase your ranks offers lots of replayability. There are also 4 difficulty levels that you can switch between at any time.