Tying it all together

Once again a lot of time have managed to pass by since my last blog entry. Just completed a play through and fine tuning of the game. After completing the map and the levels, the game didn’t seem to hold up in the later half.


So I have been moving things around, buffing monsters, editing levels and so on. The total level count is now 50, including bosses. Not something I planned but I ended up there after cutting away some boring ones. Making a ton of levels sure was a pain to go through and not all of them turned out good enough.


Got invited to and just completed a 6 week long startup accelerator program. That really cut into my development time. I am about to start up my own company very soon. There’s still a handful of things I want to add/fix. I also have the final level and boss remaining.


I am planning to run a proper play test soon. Were I invite people to come and play the game for a day while I watch. Most likely I will also run a Steam Green Light campaign at the same time. It’s getting really close now.

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    1. Thanks Alexander.

      As long as it’s still possible to release new titles to the Ouya store I will try to get make it work. I still use my Ouya to show the game running on a TV. It’s not as smooth as on my PC, but still very playable.

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