After the convention

At the beginning of May I attended a local convention called Nordsken. A big thank you to Nordsken and Arctic Game Lab for the floor space! Also a big thank you to all those who came and played my game! It was a lot of fun watching all the people, young and old, playing. Sadly a few severe bugs popped up. But it didn’t stop one of the boys from returning and playing the beta multiple times. I did manage to fix the worst bugs at the hotel room in the evenings. The feedback was very positive. I returned with a bunch of notes on bugs, suggestions and my own observations.




Since then I have fixed all bugs and implemented all my notes. I ran another beta test online and have also implemented changes from the feedback I got. The game feels really polished right now. I am now on vacation in the country and making tons of progress on the game. I had my cousins’ kids play the beta yesterday. They played it for hours, until they had to go to bed.


Currently I am working on the new map of the island. It is much bigger than what I had in the beta. It allows for a lot more exploration and the pacing is different. Once that is done, I will start making new levels. I need a lot more of them. And then the bosses will be added last.