Four years in the making

I’ve been neglecting this page and blog for a while. Because I have been focusing on Rush to Adventure. I hit another milestone yesterday by completing the Power Sword, a sword bursting with energy. Now all weapons, monsters and other stuff has been implemented. Next up I will start on the bosses. I have decided to add golems as mini bosses. I am adding them in as a variation to gameplay and so the player will encounter larger enemies earlier. I have added two screenshots of the new backgrounds that I completed earlier this year.


6th of April was another milestone. That marked 4 years since I started working on Rush to Adventure. Of course it hasn’t been in development for that long. As I wrote in my previous post, I took about a year off and there has been other times were weeks has gone by without any progress. When I started working on this game I was working 12 hours a week, and I had a lot of time and energy. Now that I am working 20 hours a week (most weeks) there has been a lot more progress. I am now working towards a Swedish game convention were I will be demoing the beta for the first time. I have built up a lot of momentum and have a better grip on the code now that I have been working on it. Here’s a link to the poster I made for the convention. I’m really happy with how it turned out. The text in the middle says “Try the beta exclusively at Nordsken 5-7 May”.


Poster for Swedish game convention


This will finally be the year that I complete Rush to Adventure. After adding bosses into the game I will start to create content. There’s a whole island to create and a story to be told it. And I need to create a hole lot of levels so there’s a lot of content for you to enjoy. I don’t know exactly when I will complete everything. I will keep on working part time and like the past 3 years I will likely get a lot done during my summer vacation. Now, I wish I could use that time to start on my next game. Not sure if I can make that happen. RTA will be done when it’s done, I have to make it all that it can be. I can only hope that it sells well enough to allow me to make another game. I want to take everything I have learned making this one, and all the ideas I’ve had, and pour it all into the next one.