Getting back on track

I started working full time at my day job in the summer of 2014 and did so for over a year. That and life slowly killed all my momentum to a complete stop. A few months ago I decided to cut back on working to half time, because I want to complete Rush to Adventure. Part of the reason is that I am now a member of a recently formed game lab. Which is really interesting, although it’s still very early. I also have the funds now to work less for a while.


It is really difficult to work on a project that you have barely touched for a year. I am slowly building up momentum but every little thing requires a lot of effort as I have to figure out how everything works. I have forgotten a lot. I have added most of my planned features including achievements, high score lists and even animated water on the world map. I have fixed every bug and tweaked things here and there.


Recently I have changed the tone and look of the game to a darker one. This started as a request to make more sense to where you can and cannot go on the map. So my solution was to implement a “fog of war”. I had been toying with the idea a long time ago. So I gave it a try, simply darkening map tiles and lighting them up around objects. This also made the map look more interesting. So to make sense of this darkness I wove it into the story of the curse. The island is now covered in darkness. I think it adds additional flavor.


Full steam towards the beta now. Filling out the remaining tile sets. Then it’s on to new enemies and all the missing weapons. Finally there will be bosses. There are also some features I am thinking about. And I have a whole island to create.