Adventuring: Exploring, discovery and questing

Let’s take a look at the second half of the game, adventuring. To me, an adventure game is the freedom to explore and the focus on items and/or abilities. It is also a more tailored experience, compared to RPGs. For Rush to Adventure I went with a concept I call adventuring light. This concept goes through the whole game. No padding or grinding in the game.


Instead of choosing levels from a list you get to explore an island. Talk to the islanders, go on quests, buy items and discover the secrets of the island. The game contains text, but always in a limited amount and well spread out. The game should be action packed, but a change in pacing and gameplay makes the game more varied. Enjoy exploration, finding new things and improving your hero. To me, these are the juicy bits of the adventuring genre.


Originally RTA was designed for mobile screens. Tap on an icon on the world map and something happens. To get the sense of moving through an island I decided to go with unlockable map areas Allowing the player to swipe the screen to move from area to area. With the addition of keyboard and controller support I added a cursor. On PC this allowed the player to choose to use either keys or mouse to navigate. Now it’s time to exchange the cursor for the hero instead. Having an animated character walking on the map is more immersive than a cursor. The hero will walk around using pathfinding when using a mouse or a touchscreen. With a keyboard or controller you get direct control instead.


The alpha also brings a map screen where you can see all unlocked areas. The areas are color coded depending on if they are unexplored, explored (grey) or completed (gold). Same as the icons on the worldmap. An area is explored once all icons except signs have been cleared (turned grey). Completing an area requires the player to collect all coins and defeating all monsters in every level (turned gold). This shows all possible current actions to the player and ensures they always know where to go. The map screen also offers fast travel, the player can instantly go to any unlocked area.