Mar 2014 – GDC and alpha

Last week OUYA offered devs to take new builds with them to GDC, which is this week. Coincidentally App Game Kit, that I am using to code Rush to Adventure, also got improved support for OUYA last week. I was finally able to make a stand alone version of RTA that runs at a smooth 60 FPS on OUYA. That’s my preferred way to play RTA. On my couch, controller in hand game running on my 55″ TV.


Last week I finalized the new gameplay. I spend a lot of time playtesting and tweaking it. The new gameplay is faster and more responsive. You can also unlock 3 abilities that adds some spice to the levels. New content has been added to the game. Three completely new levels (now 10 in total) as well as two new enemies for the tower level. Parallax scrolling backgrounds have also been added to the game.


This week I will start on the final leg of the alpha. The map screen and time screen that has had inactive buttons on the world map will finally be added. I also plan to add in a world map character. A better keyboard setup screen, an overscan setting for OUYA and other updates are also in the works.