Starting up this blog

So, a developer diary thing. I thought it was time to start filling this website with some content for those interested in my game Rush to Adventure. We’ll see how this works out. A screenshot page is also planned. I don’t have a lot of time to allocate to each part of this project at the moment, so progress is slow.


I released the pre-alpha to the world a few weeks back. Feedback have so far been mostly very positive. Keywords have been: Solid, polished and fun. Which is what I have been targeting. Most of the requests for improvements I will implement or at least experiment with. I think half the comments have mentioned the look of the levels in one way or another. I have been thinking about improving the backgrounds for a long time, and started on artwork for some clouds today. This is not something I am used to do so way out of my comfort zone at the moment. I will also be experimenting with some level animations.


I am also working on a new editor that is about half done. My current editor is very basic and I want something more powerful before I start tweaking gameplay. The new editor will allow me to make and edit levels much faster. I believe a good editor will ultimately lead to better levels, and save me a lot of work later in the development. But it is really boring and I have to touch some very old code.